Kit Counter and Packer

Ideal for kits for hardware, accessories and small parts in general

With the possibility of producing standard or customized machines, Lufati offers solutions with high performance and productivity, which include touch screen panel commands for programming and performance monitoring, among other advantages.

To ensure the monitoring of the counting and packaging process, the equipment can be provided with additional items such as checkweighers, which enables comparing the weights with the programmed models. This way, kits with weight that are out of standard are discarded.

The system can also contain a printer that adds information to the packaging: bar code, logos, tracking data, among others.

Lufati’s solutions stand out for being developed according to the process specifications of each customer, being able to operate in series with other packing systems, in a linear production and allowing for more complex kits.

Our product line, as well as variations in additional items, is developed and produced by a highly skilled team focused on providing effective and customized solutions according to each type of industrial need.

Among the industrial segments we provide for are: furniture, chemical, textile, automotive and others.



- Precise quantification of kit components;
- Decrease in expenses with packaging plastic;
- Reduction of direct handling;
- Sequenced production, with duration defined by the composition of the elements of the kit;
- Layout customized to the client's reality.






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