For 10 years enabling ideas and automating industrial processes

In the market for the past 10 years, Lufati focuses on uniting excellence in service to competence in special machine development, enabling ideas and automating industrial processes. We seek to increase efficiency in production processes with our equipment, minimizing human interference and operational failures. All this, together with highly efficient continuous production, allows for superior performance.

Located in Bento Gonçalves (RS, Brazil), we are pioneers in technology for counting and packaging systems in South America, constantly innovating and complying with the current standards. Good interpersonal relations and commitment are the company values, counting on a working technical staff and distinctive services to guarantee customer satisfaction.

The vibratory feeders enable bulk feeding: counting or dosing the material for automatic packaging.

The packers are simple to upkeep and operate, saving approximately 50% on the cost of the plastic bag, since it uses open, plane plastic in coils to form the packages, without the need to buy the finished bag.

Our machines are totally national, allowing credit via FINAME or BNDES.

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